War Is Coming

008006Why We Fight…

Of the few that became many, of the many that became great, came power.

Came space travel, vehicles to and from each corner of our solar system to beyond.

Mars… now a desolate and laid to sleep planet awaiting the thawing of the polar caps.

Teenagers on the planet earth a boy and girl stumble across a glass roof peering out of the dirt.  Mars spacecraft with an auto pilot is about to go inter space with new passengers

Pyramids stealth jets, space portals, space-speed gates, frozen martians are about to breathe and south mars is looking to settle a score with Jupiter… war is coming

The hatch is auto release and liquids will boil

Choose Your sides

Defectors will be shot

Make Your Choice Wisely

You shall fight amongst your brothers and sisters

You shall take up arms against foes

You shall shot without confusion

It’s you or them peoples

You are defending a fight

You are advancing a line

You are the key to the future

You are survivors of an oppression

You take control of a momentum

You create the platform

Infantry battalions the armored vehicles, the living quarters


Space latex the battle analogies For every great battle their is an attack, a defence the opponent the good and the bad those ignorant. For Every attack their is a defence for every defence their is an undoing….. Overthrowing the powers established under false pretences and righting the wrong. Fighting for what’s pure, what’s right …. the brothers the sisters the mothers the children to correct the wrong doing of, kings with greed filthy ambition in their hearts …. Fighting for the future the past and those present Fighting for freedom fighting to fight, fighting to make it alright # Mines shall be swept and tanks shall be heard the king makers and their kingdoms shall fall Those that fight with ignorance shall fall. Those that fight with convinction shall overcome Those that fight with integrity shall endure and persevere They shall press forward Step by step regaining the battle lines, the trenches the posts shall mark path to ultimate victory And destruction and annilation of those with deception and evil rampant in their black hearts. The lines shall be drawn and defences fortified battle plans played into motion and action and reaction formulating energies enough to light the skies, to shake the ground to motivate a population to fight for thier childrens children for whats right


Atop the highest plauteu on the battle ground lay the advisary nemisis and as the masses gave great cry for the troop, moved forward defence lines reinforced.  The mood was tense we shall rise [I came through unscathed, for you are worthy adviseries] amist shining armoury having been driven into reinforce for within your trials come a strength(is begotten ),

Your tenacity and dedictaion to excellence is exemply.

Resolute under fire shoot me down i get up, foolish is the man who forget battles on his derision the past ignoring folly be his bedfellow..thwated their plans , so as came to nought.



© 2014, andrewstott. All rights reserved.

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