Space Awakening: Chapter II

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The Awakening has begun…

Barry leads Mandy and Lance into a deep dark underground store room.  He pushes a bright red button and his cuff snags a switch beneath and a deep whirring sound fills the air, signaling that some kind of machine has started running… Sudden horror washes across Barry’s face and he jumps around in a panic. Barry has flicked the wrong switch and now the cryogenic chambers are sounding alarms of def-con 4 ……. the thawing ….

“They’re coming back to life!!
They’re coming back, the family, the girls, oh no….

Fonda.. Taylor… and Bridget, they’re not going to be happy!!
It’s too soon!!

It’s too soon…”

Mandy’s tiny voice sounds out “Barry, what exactly did you just do?”

“You made me do it! I hit the wrong button, that’s not it. This is the one I wanted,” he makes some sporadic movements in another direction and flicks another switch.

Seeming mere at odds with the massive dramas unfolding, an overhead projection cinema show starts playing, a cheesy musical intro sounds over the def-con 4 mayhem and a young Barry fades in concerto mode playing piano….. Around Mandy and Barry, the room is amass with an eruption of smoke and steam, air raid sirens blazing away, loud decibels of sound among an cold icy set of smoke streams jettison from the cryogenic sleeping chambers….

The city is waking up…

“Oh boy am I gonna get it… There’s not enough power to reverse the process. I didn’t mean to use up all the supplies, the space juice, the helium, oh boy I’m gonna get it the guys an’ dolls ain’t gonna be pleased to see me. But what was I to do, I had the whole box and dice, that space fleet had to be driven. I can’t be just expected to just sit down with silly love song numbers all day. The world needs cars and girls and a little space action…”

Mandy perks up, “did you just say girls, Barry? We’re not the only ones!? Or did you have some one else or others awake Barry?”

“Well I kinda have a couple girls on ice, but… it’s not what you think!  I just play my music to ’em and they octo tango a little..” he does some dance movements that resemble an octopus.

Mandy edges away from him a little, “the Mars Octopus… yes, we saw the film… we saw the Mars Octopus… errm how many do you have tangoing around here?” Barry wiggles in reply to the question.

Meanwhile, Lance’s curiosity had peaked to overload, he silently and secretly made his way halfway down a corridor, seemingly uninterested with where Mandy and Barry’s conversation was headed and now himself headed toward a large open spaced cargo bay filled with all sorts of different looking machinery, weapons and some kind of epic vehicles.  Lance spots a SpaceTiger jetliner and recalls the film shown of the SpaceTigers in action; these craft saw some battle that few other craft could handle.

The gutsy Tigers gave their all during battle and at full throttle they could be maneuvered on a dime. Space racers often used second-hand SpaceTiger engines and body panels, rebuilding their battle-damaged machines and repairing what they can. It wasn’t uncommon to see trade between Space racers but more often it was due to gambling and crime that vehicles would be fairly cheap and mostly built from junk as the war went on.. However, here a completely restored vehicle perched at call in front of Lance…

Joylessly turning his head behind vaguely looking back for Mandy and Barry…. he should check in on Mandy… however, she’s kinda looking after herself and the space cruiser looks at Lance and says ‘get in sit down hang on and oh yeah, dispatch!’

A still look on Lance’s face turns into a smile he knows what to do. The eight month space flight to Mars gave him plenty of time to read the space manuals on a few space machines and this one is the gem in the crown of space machinery.

Lance smiles with spring in his step “ha ha! ha hahaha ha” joyfully running and climbing, almost jumping into the cockpit of the SpaceTiger, he recalls sequence 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…, Engines roar… Noise levels raise with a deafening grumble of the SpaceTiger as it hovers some few meters from the space hanger’s black metal floor… the flight sequence sounds alarms to raise the doors. The SpaceTiger roars off to what one human imagination space pilot can only described as a journey, leaving Mandy and Barry’s surprised shadows standing in the distant doorway.


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