Space Awakening: Chapter III

The Galactic space hussies are waking up

Barry; Oh boy, am I gonna get it those reactors are thawing those girls real quick ….. too quick. Those space hussies are gonna have my head on a platter….you know he’s the lucky one, that Lance of yours, he escaped. In just a few hours time this entire city is coming back to life.  We gotta get…. out of here.. come, come, there’s work to be done, we gotta get busy.

Mandy; but where has Lance gone? He flew a plane, but he’s not a pilot.  That’s the first thing he’s piloted…

Barry; Oh Mandy, thats not important right now,  you gotta help me.  Here this pod’s gotta be the first to go online…

Mandy; Why? Barry whose in this pod….?

Barry; The big guns, the Generals…  Fonda, Bridgette & Taylor… they are beautiful but deadly.

Mandy; What are they going to do Barry?

Barry; Right now we gotta tango..

[ on the count of three the two keys initiate the sequence that now sets thawing of the generals in overdrive ]

Mandy; On the count of three, two, one…

Barry; Okay, that should sing about an hour….. we gotta get more help.  Man we got to get it together, lets see we gotta organise the food, the space suits the, the oh …..the suits… I knew I should’ve been sewing something together …. Oh.. damn storehouse fire burnt down… and the suits… Oh boy… we’re gonna have to use the latex…

Tonight this city’s waking up!

Walking at pace Mandy who now has a pen and clipboard she takes notes from Barry

Barry; But yeah these guys and gals are gonna want an explanation…. let’s see… I’ll come up with an explanation… and next, life support… towels , were gonna need lots an lots of white towels and the I….. and the oh boy, I’m gonna get it.

Mandy; C’mon Barry… the explanation, the life support, the white towels… What about where will you keep all these people…? What will they do…?

Barry; What will they do? They’re gonna tear me and this place apart.  How should I know the North Masarians will probably want to destroy ’em and start that war machine again! They ain’t gonna be able to do anything. I guess half could kinda cram in but that’s a whole lotta people that……… the North Marserians! (Panic- breathing heavier) the North Marserians! The war …….. Ahh, the war… the South is gonna be attacked tonight.

Mandy; What do you mean North Marsarians ….oh the North Marsarians the film the ……. the machine’s gonna thaw out the north sector city of course…. oh no there going to attack us.  Barry do something you gotta stop this.

Barry; The machine can’t be reversed… if our machine starts then their machine starts and the war from the north is coming to a war in the south… that little sleeping war baby gonna wake too…. this planets gonna see more action tonight.  We gotta get a head start …. We gotta prep the missiles, the space fleet …the pilots the the uniforms ….c’mon Mandy we gotta get started

Mandy; did you say a war machine of South Mars….

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