Space Latex

Hot chicks, crazy puppets, huge explosions, space racing demolition derby battles, and epic tunes…
What more could you ask for?


We are the team of media enthusiasts established in late 2010 who teamed up and created the now infamous ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Puppet Destroys Phones for Mobile Muster‘ on YouTube
We make short films. We are all for fun for the sake of fun……if you like our puppets then you’ll like us. Our team of dedicated moviemakers are currently working on space themed scripts. Introducing all new Spacebabes wearing spacelatex and we follow the story of young mandy and lance as they are taken on a spaceflight to mars where they meet the gate keeper Barry who introduces them to the family.. it’s all for fun and you are in for ride of your life. This project has the makings of a major work in progress and has gathered interest with many young space enthusiasts and promises to be well recieved amongst all that tour our studio. for further information on our studio booking tours / film shoot days ( you may even be cast as an extra or puppetry or voice actor/actress) please email us at all are welcome…

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